The Bare Essentials Kit

bare essentials kit webThis incredible six oil ensemble (which includes the beautiful wooden box you see here) is available as a gift set for only $125.  This unique gift of our most popular and healthful selection of essential oils will be LOVED by anyone lucky enough to receive it.  It’s the perfect gift for that “hard to shop for” person on your list… be sure to grab one for yourself while you’re at it.  You’ll be so glad you did!

The six oil boxed set includes 15 mL bottles of the following essential oils:

Peppermint - Boosts energy, opens airways for improved breathing and relieves the pain associated with a headache.  

Wild Orange – This wonderful citrus oil from Belize uplifts your mood, increases your energy level and cleanses the air.
Lavender – This high-altitude French version will please any lavender oil snob while reducing anxious feelings, relieving stress, and soothing skin irritations. Great for getting a restful night’s sleep and also a great first-aid oil!

Melaleuca – Premium Australian “tea tree” oil helps clear blemishes, soothes skin irritations, and helps wounds heal quicker.                             

Cedarwood - Relaxes the mind, induces restful sleep, clears the skin and repels insects.
Mix with water in a spray bottle for chemical-free flea repellent on pets!
Eucalyptus – Australian “radiata” that is highly effective for respiratory issues and great relief for congestion from colds, allergies or the flu. 

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