Diffusers are the best way to get a constant delivery of pleasing and healthful aromatherapy into your home, office or even your car!  Essential oil lovers know, a diffuser is a must in any room where you spend a good part of your day or night.  In addition to their powerful aromatherapy benefits, diffusers can be used as non-toxic air fresheners that will literally remove the odors with natural fragrance molecules, not just mask odors or cover up the smell.  Studies show synthetic air fresheners, sprays and plug-ins are unhealthy and toxic!  Replace those synthetic chemicals and do something good for your health instead...

Tree Diffuser

tree diffuserThis is our newest diffuser model from our Environmental Series and has an all-metal casing as opposed to plastic. It has 160 ml of capacity and runs 6-8 hours per fill. This beautiful “tree model” helps create a cozy ambience in your home and will definitely become a conversation piece when paired with any of our beautiful single oils or essential oil blends. $49



atom miser newThe Peachtree Essentials Atom-Miser is a state-of-the-art, convenient, rechargeable and cup holder-sized essential oil atomizer. Cold-air atomization disperses the essential oil molecules directly into the air, and allows the molecules to stay suspended four times longer than any other method. Thus, atomization increases the therapeutic benefit of essential oils! Portability is a breeze with rechargeable batteries and a USB cable. Change from oil to oil in seconds ~ simply by screwing in a different bottle with no water needed! Multiple digital timer options put you in control of the oil and aroma output. On its lowest intermittent setting, a 15 mL bottle of oil will last 22 days! Included is an AC power adapter, batteries (NiMh), wall plug and USB cable. Feel free to take the Atom-Miser on the road, to your office, or to your hotel for cordless aromatherapy everywhere! $89. Includes free shipping. Click here for operating instructions.

One-year warranty. Two additional straws included allow shortening to adapt to smaller essential oil bottles.

White Diffuser with Woodgrain

white diff wood grain 01A wonderful touchscreen unit that runs 12 hours on high and fits nicely into any décor is a bargain at this price.  It holds 300 mL and has a number of settings to meet any of your aromatherapy needs but still has a small footprint for even the tiniest of tables, shelves or nightstands. $49